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[AIIB] Finance leaders welcome AIIB delegates

Lee Dong-geol, chairman and CEO of the Korea Development Bank

I extend my warm congratulations to the 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Annual Meeting to be held in Jeju from Friday to Sunday.

Under the theme of sustainable infrastructure, the meeting will be an opportunity for all participants to engage in finding solutions for the balanced development and shared growth of Asia, and draw the attention of the world to the immense infrastructure potential of the region.

As one of Korea’s leading policy financial institutions, the KDB has partnered closely with AIIB from early on.

At present, we are working on a hydropower project sponsored by K-water on the Nenskra River in Georgia, which, once approved, will be the first project co-financed by a Korean financial institution and the AIIB.

Building on this milestone, the KDB will continue to strengthen its partnership with the bank by identifying more opportunities for collaboration and allowing more Korean companies to realize their full potential in the global infrastructure market. This in turn will generate important momentum for Korea’s economic growth and be a meaningful contribution to the balanced development of the region.

Once again, my congratulations and best wishes for a successful meeting of the AIIB.

Choi Jong-ku, president of the Export-Import Bank of Korea 

Following the first one in Beijing, the 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Annual Meeting takes place on Jeju Island. As this meeting is the first time outside China, it is a great opportunity to share Korea’s growth experience with other countries, and at the same time, to learn about Asian infrastructure development and upcoming plans.

Building infrastructure is crucial for the appropriate functioning of an economy, as they promote investment and facilitate the production process and final consumption, leading to the improvement of the quality of life. As a matter of fact, we have noted decent economic growth of many AIIB member countries, achieved through building infrastructures of which they were in great need.

Nevertheless, we are still facing challenges for further development. The size of infrastructure projects is getting larger and larger as demands for massive cross border projects are rising. The needs for active cooperation and partnership have become more critical than ever before to overcome those challenges and sustain the robust growth.

In this respect, AIIB Annual Meeting is meaningful, as it is an opportunity to share knowledge and explore huge potential projects together. As an export credit agency, Korea Eximbank is eager to play its part, on the path to accomplishing the AIIB‘s goals, providing support that goes beyond financial assistance and sharing its accumulated knowledge and experiences. Korea Eximbank will explore co-financing projects and joint cooperation to promote Korea’s participation in infrastructure development in Asia.

I deeply hope this AIIB Annual Meeting in Jeju will serve as a growth momentum for the prosperity of the whole continent.

Yoon Jong-kyu, chairman of KB Financial Group 

We would like to congratulate all involved in hosting the 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Annual Meeting.

This year’s annual meeting is an opportunity for AIIB’s member countries and private sectors related to infrastructure investment and development to communicate with one another. And we hope that the detailed cooperative solutions discussed during the meeting will allow AIIB to become a global financial organization that helps facilitate the infrastructure of developing Asian countries, and develops their economies by supporting their businesses.

KB Financial Group is also supporting the development of financial infrastructure in Asia by strengthening our cooperation with other countries while highlighting our own strong points in the infrastructure sector.

By all means, amid the global economic transition we are facing, we hope that the event will become a place where we can share our knowledge and gather our wisdom to turn the crisis into a new opportunity. 

Kim Jung-tai, chairman of Hana Financial Group

I am happy to be able to deliver a congratulatory message for the 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank meeting that is to be held from June 16 to 18.

Despite its short 1-year history, AIIB has been able to create a new wave in the Asian infrastructure market by supporting the core infrastructure businesses of developing countries within Asia.

Through this year’s annual meeting, we hope that AIIB and its member countries, as well as cooperating organizations, will be able to gather together and enjoy the opportunity of suggesting and sharing diverse perspectives on facilitating infrastructure development and investment.

By all means, we hope that the AIIB 2017 meeting hosted on Jeju Island will be a great success.

Kim Yong-hwan, chairman and CEO of NongHyup Financial Group

We are happy that the 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank meeting is being held on Korea’s beautiful island of Jeju, and would like to congratulate the hosting of the event whole-heartedly.

We hope that the meeting will provide an opportunity to improve the infrastructure in Asia, by discussing the development and investment in future-oriented and environmentally friendly infrastructure, including topics such as “the fourth industrial revolution” and “new and renewable, green energy” under the theme of sustainable infrastructure. Sustainability indeed is required today as we need to move onto a low-carbon economy due to the ongoing environmental problems.

NongHyup Financial Group is to contribute to the development in sustainable infrastructure in Asia through NH Infra Blind Fund, created together by our subsidiaries, and by investing in infrastructure businesses that are sound both environmentally and economically.

As we look forward to the active interactions and expansive discussions that we will share with the participating countries, we wish that the annual meeting will be hosted successfully.

Kim Do-jin, CEO of Industrial Bank of Korea

We send our deepest congratulations on the hosting of the 2017 annual Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank meeting. In particular, we are happy that the event is being hosted on Jeju Island, a world heritage that we take great pride in.

The topic of this year’s annual meeting is “sustainable infrastructure.” We hope that various measures on infrastructure construction will be devised to encourage high-quality job creation as well as sustainable social development.

We also hope that small and mid-sized enterprises in Korea with outstanding technologies related to infrastructure will be promoted globally, and receive opportunities to enter the overseas infrastructure market.

The Industrial Bank of Korea will provide our own ASEAN network and overseas expansion assistance programs to achieve accompanied growth with the SME’s.

We again extend our congratulations to the AIIB annual meeting. We hope that AIIB will be able to further expand its influence as a development bank, and contribute to the development of infrastructure within Asia through international cooperation.

Lee Kwang-goo, CEO of Woori Bank

I would like to welcome participants from all over the world to the 2017 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Annual Meeting.

Woori Bank’s roots are embedded in Daehan Cheon-il Bank that was established by Emperor Gojong in 1899 with funds from the imperial family.

The bank has also been putting in efforts to construct “sustainable infrastructure,” the topic of this year’s annual meeting.

We have 258 foreign networks in 25 countries, the largest among domestic banks, and have strategic global entry plans of expanding them to 500 within this year.

Along with such plans, we are providing services related to the everyday lives of our customers such as finance, messenger, shopping and membership through our WiBee platform, the first mobile platform service launched in the industry.

We will carry on to provide more convenient and safer financial services, and become a strong institute that can empower everyone. Again, we thank all participants for visiting Korea, and hope that this AIIB annual meeting will be a meaningful time for you all.
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