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Top security adviser to Moon resigns

Kim Ki-jung, vice chief of the National Security Office, stepped down Monday amid allegations on his misconduct while teaching at a top Seoul university.

Cheong Wa Dae cited his failing health due to overwork as the main reason behind his resignation, saying he is currently in a hospital. But there have been rumors that the political science professor at Yonsei University has been accused of sexual misbehavior over which some civic women’s rights groups have expressed opposition to his appointment.

Kim Ki-jung (Yonhap)
Kim Ki-jung (Yonhap)

“He tendered his resignation today, taking moral responsibility for the rapid deterioration in his health due to overwork and gossip that has been circulating,” senior presidential press secretary Yoon Young-chan said in a message to reporters, without elaborating.

Kim, who helped President Moon Jae-in during his election campaign, took office on May 24. He had overseen diplomatic affairs including preparations for Moon’s upcoming summit with US President Donald Trump.

His resignation dealt another blow to the nascent leadership, which has been taking heat from a series of allegations of wrongdoings by top Cabinet nominees.

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