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LS develops cables for easier freight train loading

South Korea’s leading cable manufacturer LS Cable & System has developed movable overhead power cables for trains, the company said Thursday.

Overhead rigid conductor systems, like the new cables developed by LS, hold wires above railways to transmit electricity to electric trains. But conventional cables can get in the way of loading and unloading freight from trains, LS Cable & System spokesperson explained.

LS Cable & System’s new system allows the cables to be temporarily moved to make transferring cargo much easier, according to the company.

A demonstration of LS Cable & System’s movable overhead rigid conductor system (LS Cable & System)
A demonstration of LS Cable & System’s movable overhead rigid conductor system (LS Cable & System)

LS Cable & System started developing the system, the first of its kind in the world, with Jaeyong Tech, since April 2015, as a part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s project titled, “Development of Movable Overhead Rigid Conductor System for Container Yard.”

The state-owned Korea Railroad is currently reviewing LS Cable & System’s new system.

“We are currently on our research and development process on LS Cable & System’s movable overhead rigid conductor system. The result is likely to be released in June,” the Korea Railroad spokesperson said.

“Electric trains are more efficient than diesel ones. Electric trains can haul around three times more freights than diesel trains can do. We are looking into ways in which we can operate more electric trains to increase overall rail freight transport efficiency. We are seeing if LS’ new system can help us operate more electric trains for cargo transportation,” the spokesperson added.

On April 13, LS Cable & System and the Korea Railroad have finished a test operation at Okcheon station.

“The company is planning on breaking into European and Asian markets where the demand for electric railways is high,” LS Cable & System’s Chief Technology Officer Kim Dong-wook said. 

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