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Unique promotional events mark Election Day

Various promotional events are taking place in Korea to encourage the public to vote in the presidential election on Tuesday.

The biggest event being carried out is a campaign called “Vote for Korea,” a website created by a local software developer. When a voter uploads a photo confirming that they voted, they will randomly be selected to get monetary prizes of up to 5 million won ($4,400). As of 4:40 p.m. more than 480,000 people participated in the event.

Local companies, regardless of their size or sector, also set out to capture the attention of customers.

Lotte Cinema is offering drinks and snacks with a discount to voters, starting Tuesday. The company is currently offering “Gaenyum Combo,” which includes a large size popcorn and a soft drink, at 5,000 won to the customers with ballot receipts. The promotion will be available at 89 Lotte Cinema branches nationwide until Sunday. 


The nation’s other multiplex chain Megabox is holding an event “SHOW ME THE VOTE,” which offer movie tickets at 6,000 won to voters, available at all Megabox branches for one day.

Megabox customers can also get free tickets by the drawing of lots if they upload their discounted Megabox tickets with the specific Election Day hashtags.

Starting Monday, local retailer Lotte Mart is putting special discounts on food items, mostly night snacks, in anticipation of people consuming while watching election broadcasts. A pack of four 500 ml imported beers is available at 9,400 won, and smoked barbecue chicken is offered at 6,800 won. The discounts are offered until May 17.

A coffee franchise Coffee Bay, is offering a discount of 500 won per cup to those who have a photo of the voting stamp on their hands.

Hotel 109, a local hotel in Busan, is to offer free-night deals to 51 people with voting selfies on a first-come, first-served basis on Election Day.

A Korean professional baseball team NC Dinos will provide two outfield seats for the price of one to fans with ballot receipts.

By Shin Ji-hye and Shim Woo-hyun ( (