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KT aims to coomercialize KTooN service in China

KT CEO Hwang Chang-gyu attended the Beijing Ktoon Showcase at the Korea Content Beijing Business Center Friday.

The showcase promoted KT’s webtoon platform KTooN, as well as its cartoons and related products. The third-largest webtoon platform in the country began in 2015 in Korea and now aims to commercialize in the Chinese market. 

Around 50 firms, including Chinese online streaming platform Sohu and popular Chinese online comic artwork platform Kuaikan, participated in the showcase.

Kauikan signed a contract with KTooN for the publication of two cartoons and some 10 Chinese firms also asked KtooN for copyright contracts at the event.

“Through the showcase, KT could introduce the excellence of Korean web comics and novels, and created various opportunities to cooperate with Chinese companies,” KT’s spokesperson Kim Hak-jun said at the event. “KTooN will attempt to maximize its profit by marketing its content’s copyright and related products.”

KTooN currently publishes some 120 web cartoons and novels. 

By Shim Woo-hyun(

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