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[Graphic News] K-Food popular in ethnic markets in US

South Korea‘s food exports to the United States are expected to reach $1 billion for the first time this year, owing to their brisk advances into ethnic markets, the Korea Agro-fisheries and Food Trade Corp.’s branch said.

Most notable among the top 30 export items are ramen, ginseng, mixed seasonings and gochujang, or red pepper paste.

Ramen posted $6.84 million during the first two months this year, up 14.3 percent on-year; ginseng $3.3 million, up 67 percent; gochujang $1.8 million, up 33.8 percent; mixed seasonings $1.37 million, up 60.5 percent; and seaweed 11.5 million, up 1 percent.