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‘Summoners War’ becomes highest-grossing Korean mobile game

South Korean game developer Com2uS said Tuesday that its hit mobile game “Summoners War” has become the first Korea-made mobile game to rake in more than 1 trillion won ($900 million) in cumulative revenue.

This makes “Summoners War,” a mobile role-playing game launched worldwide in April 2014, the highest-grossing Korean mobile game to date, Com2uS said.

After its launch three years ago, “Summoners War” became the No. 1 mobile game in the Apple App Stores of 53 countries and Google Play Stores of 11 countries, Com2uS said.

It also became the first-ever Korean mobile game to rank among the top five mobile games in the US, which continues to generate a majority of the game’s sales.

According to Com2uS, the 1 trillion won generated by “Summoners War” surpasses the total revenue generated by Korea’s top 10 movies that attracted more than 10 million viewers in theaters.

The 1 trillion won milestone is also equivalent to the sales generated by selling around 55.5 million best-selling novels and 1.4 billion downloads of digital music files, the game maker said.

“Our achievement clearly shows the economic value of the cultural content industry, particularly the digital game sector,” Com2uS said in a statement.

Com2uS said it is working to launch additional games and content utilizing intellectual property of “Summoners War” including its characters, storyline and game play. It is currently preparing to launch the new mobile game “Summoners War MMORPG” globally.

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