Four Grit conducts open beta of ‘Beusable’

By Lim Jeong-yeo
  • Published : Mar 15, 2017 - 13:07
  • Updated : Mar 15, 2017 - 13:07
Four Grit announced Wednesday that it has began conducting an open beta of Beusable, a service that conducts quantitative analyses on the UX (user experience) of internet users.

Four Grit, a startup headed by Park Tae-joon, developed and operates a service that provides UX-related big data to internet and mobile device users in the form of visual quantitative data.

With staff made up largely of former Naver user interface developers, Four Grit currently receives support for marketing and other activities from the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

What differentiates Beusable’s service is that, like Google Analytics, it provides a user-format “process” as opposed to user-format result values. CEO Tae Joon Park said, “Our service goes beyond a merely statistical function to offer users a visual representation of the process undertaken to arrive at UX result values, offering both a user-format cause as well as a solution.”

In addition, Beusable’s UX-specialized function makes it possible to conduct convenient and rapid UX analyses, which is typically a cumbersome process that takes a long time to complete. Park said, “We developed our service to provide easy and convenient access to UX analysis for all users of online services rather only a limited number of experts.”

The open beta service Beusable can be accessed through a simple membership application process. In addition, specialized UX-related resources are provided through a blog, which contains research studies on and application methods for UX.