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[팟캐스트](184) 탈북자 경호조치 강화, 한국 수출 회복세


진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry

1. 탈북자들에 대한 경호조치 강화

김정남 피살사건 이후 긴장이 고조되는 가운데, 한국정부는 북한의 다른 표적이 될 수 있는 인물들에 대해 경호조치를 취하고 있다. 특히 지난해 탈북한 태영호 전 영국주재 북한공사에 대한 경호 강도를 배로 높였다고 국정원이 밝혔다.

'S. Korea ups security for NK defectors after murder of Kim Jong-nam'

[1] With the North Korean ruler’s estranged half-brother killed in an apparent assassination, attention is now on the safety of Thae Yong-ho, one of the remaining high-profile critics of the ruthless Kim Jong-un.

* estranged: 멀어진 (stranger 참고)
* half-brother: 이복형제
* apparent: ~로 보이는 (부사형태: apparently)
* ruthless: 무자비한

[2] South Korea’s spy agency said Tuesday that it has heightened security for Thae, Pyongyang’s former deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom who defected to Seoul last August, following the killing last week of Kim Jong-nam.

* heightened: 높이다
* deputy: 부- (조직상 직급)

[3] The National Intelligence Service is also reportedly seeking to limit Thae’s public appearances out of concerns that the high-profile defector may be the North’s next target.

* reportedly: 전해진 바에 따르면 (report->수동태 reported->부사 reportedly)
* limit: 제한하다
* out of concern: ~를 우려해 (out of concern for (~를 위한 걱정)/out of concern that (~라는 우려))

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2. 한국 수출, 회복세 이어가

우리나라 반도체와 석유제품 수출이 크게 늘면서 한국 수출실적이 2월에 20%를 웃도는 증가율을 기록했다. 4개월 연속으로 회복세를 이어나가고 있다. 하지만 지난해 기저효과에 기댔다는 분석이 있어, 아직 완전히 안심할 수는 없다는 것이 전문가들의 의견이다.

Exports seen improving but conditions still challenging

[1] South Korea’s exports, the backbone of the country’s economy, seem on course to end their two-year losing streak this year.

* backbone: 척추 (지탱하는 중심)
* on course to: ~할 예정으로 보인다, 과정을 시작했다
* streak: 연속 (winning streak, losing streak 등)

[2] If they do, it will be a relief for Asia’s fourth-largest economy, whose exports plunged 5.9 percent on-year in 2016 and 7.9 percent in 2015, the country’s first two straight years of decline.

* be a relief: 안심시키다 (That's a relief! 다행이다!)
* plunge: 급락하다
* on-year: 전년대비

[3] Export data for the first several weeks of the year suggested a rosy start. In the first 20 days of February, exports soared 26.2 percent from a year ago, according to the Korea Customs Service on Tuesday. It was backed by strong performance in semiconductors, petrochemical products and automobiles, which also supported January’s 11 percent on-year growth.

* suggest: ~인것으로 보인다
* rosy: 긍정적인
* soar: 급증하다
* backed by: ~로 뒷받침되다 (supported)

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