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Ban delivers farewell address to UN General Assembly

Calling himself a "child of the United Nations," outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered a farewell address to the UN General Assembly expressing appreciation for the honor to serve the global organization.

"As some of you said, I am a child of the United Nations. After the Korean War, UN aid fed us. UN textbooks taught us. UN global solidarity showed us we were not alone. For me, the power of the United Nations was never abstract or academic," Ban said in the address during a UN General Assembly meeting.

"This profound appreciation grew even stronger every day during my service with the United Nations. For the past ten years, I have been honoured to serve alongside the many courageous, dedicated and talented women and men of the United Nations," he said.

In Monday's meeting, Ban's successor, Antonio Guterres, also took the oath of office.

Ban said his heart is "greatly comforted knowing that I am passing the baton to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, a man of integrity and principle."

"I have no doubt that he, with his passion and compassion, will successfully navigate many complex challenges and steer the O organization to new and higher heights," Ban said.

He also expressed gratitude for support his home country South Korea has provided him with.

"I would also like to express my most profound appreciation to my home country, the Korean people and the government.

Their wholehearted support for the past ten years has been a great source of encouragement in working proudly for peace, development and human rights across the world," he said.

Ban's term ends at the end of this month.

Ban, who has long been talked about as a potential candidate for South Korean president, has said he will go back to the country in mid-January and think about what he can do for the future of South Korea.

Ban has refused to discuss the possibility of running for president, but he has never ruled it out, either. (Yonhap)