Korea Forestry Service awards examplary exporters

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Nov 29, 2016 - 17:16
  • Updated : Nov 29, 2016 - 17:16

The Korea Forestry Service and the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute held its flagship awarding ceremonies recently for companies that have excelled in exporting forest-related products and paving way for the industry’s wider overseas advances, officials said Tuesday.

The 2016 Forestry Products Pioneering Contest was held for the first time in August in a bid to foster overseas market entries of fresh, quality forestry goods. 

First Prize -- Kyungsan Hanbang Daechu by Kyungsane Farming Association Corporation.

A total of 31 products including walnut, dry persimmon, pine nut, date, wood-cultivated ginseng, shiitake mushroom, wild greens and mulberry were registered for the contest from Aug. 23 to Oct. 21. Eight winners -- one first-prize winner, one gold medal winner, two silver medal winners and four bronze medal winners -- were selected through screening and presentation. The contestants were reviewed by a group of experts from KFS, NH Trading, and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp., buyers and consultants.

The first-prize winner Hyungsan Hanbang Daechu by Kyungsane Farming Association Corporation received best reviews for its herb-based natural manure use, harvest on right time, certifications for good manufacturing practices and protected geographical indication, various goods and fine packaging.

The gold medal winner Cheonghueng Cheoeum Songi Mushroom by Cheongheung Beosut Farming Association is a new variety featuring small caps and relatively long stems. The product can be preserved three times longer than ordinary produce. It earned a favorable review for its strong mushroom scent. The association is currently exporting sample items to Taiwan to spur its foray into overseas markets.

The silver medal winner Woorisoop Walnut by SK Forest was cultivated with organic fertilizer from 100 hectares of field formed in 1974. A package of Woorisoop Walnut received excellent review for its quality, organic walnuts and fine packaging.

Another silver prize winner Sunshine Dry Persimmon by Shinnong Agricultural Corporation previously won best prize at the first prize show in the region. In October this year, the corporation exported 40 million won ($34,200) worth, or 3.9 tons, of persimmons to Vietnam. The corporation is now in discussion to export 20 tons of frozen persimmons, worth 310 million won. The product earned good review for its high quality, taste and continued attempts to further develop the product jointly with an environment research center in North Chungcheong Province.

The winners will receive plaques, 20 million won in entry fees for an exhibition held next year by KFS, up to 60 million won of funds to commercialize for overseas markets and advice from professional consultants. Extra points will be given if applied for export-related business by KFS.

KFS and KFPI said they will annually hold the contest to pave the way for Korea’s quality forestry goods to successfully enter overseas markets.

On Sept. 5, KFPI held an award ceremony for the 2016 Lumber Goods Competition.

A total of 122 wooden products, including kitchen goods, household items, toys, sporting goods and processed lumber, from 69 domestic businesses were registered for the contest from June 20 to Aug. 5.

Under a strict review by four professionals from KFPI, Small and Medium Business Administration, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp. and two lumber experts, four winners were selected.

Star Tex, sound absorbing and fire-resistant lumber by a team of Gaon Wood and EcoHousing from Jeonbuk National University, won the first prize given by the chief of KFS.

A style wall panel by Younglim Forestry won the gold medal. Embro board by NF Indus and Shing Young Wood won the silver medals. The gold and silver medals were delivered by the head of KFPI.

Kim Nam-kyun, head of the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute, said it would put further efforts to play as a springboard for high quality domestic lumber manufacturers to succeed home and abroad.

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