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Police fail to enforce warrant to perform autopsy on farmer

Police have failed to carry out an autopsy on the body of a farmer who died after being hit by a police water cannon during a protest late last year, sources said Tuesday, and instead will seek to re-apply for a new warrant amid strong protests from his family.

Baek Nam-gi, 69, died on Sept. 25 after spending months in a coma. While critics argue Baek died due to excessive force, police have maintained the stance that there is no clear link between the water cannon and his death.

Authorities have argued that carrying out an autopsy will clarify the cause of death, especially since the doctor in charge of signing Baek's death certificate supports the view of the police.

Anti-government protesters and the Baek's family, on the other hand, have persistently stressed an autopsy is unnecessary, as the cause of death is evident.

Earlier on Tuesday, the police sought to enforce the warrant, but failed to enter the funeral home located in central Seoul. (Yonhap)
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