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Sharp increase in demand for cloud-based HTML5 viewer

On July 28, the cloud office company KukuDocs (CEO: Lee YuHo) announced that, with the recent elimination of ActiveX programs, demand for a cloud-based HTML5 viewer is increasing rapidly.

“Until now, ActiveX had served as an impediment to the introduction of a cloud environment. But now that the government, financial institutions, and corporations are all removing ActiveX, the demand for a cloud-based office system, of which an HTML5 viewer is a major part, has increased significantly,” KukuDocs CEO Lee YuHo said.

HTML5 is the latest computer language used to create websites. Through its cloud office and HTML5 viewer, the KukuDocs offers a solution that enables users to conveniently create and edit documents.

Its biggest advantage lies in the fact that as long as the user has access to an Internet browser, documents can be opened and viewed or edited, regardless of format, without having to be saved or converted.

For example, to open a file attached to an email sent by a financial institution, one had to go through a long-drawn-out process (saving, etc.). With KukuDocs’ viewer solution, however, the file can be viewed with a single click.

The viewer can be run on any device (PC or mobile phone) depending on the needs of the client company.

“The core technology of KukuDocs is the use of the browser rendering method (final image processing process) through our independently developed ‘office filter.’ Because most of our client companies use private clouds and do not save email attachments when checking their email, they enjoy a high level of information security,” a KukuDocs representative said.

The staff of KukuDocs, including CEO Lee, is composed entirely of experts who are former members of Hancom’s Web development team. The company is located in the Pangyo Startup Campus and receives support from the K-ICT Born2Global Center.