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CJ Group chairman’s half-brother seeks ‘stern judgment’

[THE INVESTOR] Lee Jay-hwi, CJ Group chairman Lee Jay-hyun’s half-brother, on July 12 petitioned the Supreme Court to judge the latter sternly.

Jay-hwi is late CJ Group honorary chairman Lee Maeng-hee’s son born out of wedlock. His paternity was confirmed after he filed a suit in 2004.

In the petition, Jay-hwi urged the court to consider Jay-hyun’s case carefully, and requested that the court reject the latter’s application to remain free from prison longer to receive treatment. 
CJ Group chairman Lee Jay-hyun
CJ Group chairman Lee Jay-hyun

The CJ Group chairman was sentenced to 2 1/2 years imprisonment for embezzlement. However, he has been temporarily released due to health reasons.

In an interview with a local news outlet, Jay-hwi said that he will petition the Ministry of Justice should Jay-hyun drop the reappeal, and file a criminal complaint against his half-brother.

With President Park Geun-hye saying that special pardons will be issued next month, it has been speculated that the CJ chairman will drop the reappeal and accept his sentence in an attempt to be included in the pardon.

Aside from the petition, Jay-hwi is seeking 210 million won (US$183,000) compensation, claiming that he was barred by the chairman, his siblings and their mother from attending his father’s funeral in August 2015, and that their action resulted in psychological hardship.

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