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JYJ's Park files charges against woman for false accusation

Park Yu-chun, the troubled member of popular K-pop boy band JYJ, lodged a counterclaim against one of the women who filed complaints against him last month, saying she falsely accused him of raping her, police said Monday.

The 30-year-old singer-actor's legal representatives filed the case with the Gangnam Police Station in southern Seoul, which is handling a series of allegations raised against Park.

Park has been mired in a scandal as four different women, all working at local bars, lodged complaints against him in June, claiming they were raped by him. One of the cases dates back to 2014, while the latest allegedly occurred in early June.

The woman who filed the first complaint on June 10 has dropped the case, but Park made a counterclaim, saying she falsely accused him of sexual assault. Monday's complaint was charged against the second woman who filed charges.

Park's agency has been asserting his innocence, staking his career and reputation on the line.

The 30-year-old was summoned by the police in southern Seoul over the weekend to be questioned on the allegations. Park, who is currently serving military duty as a public agent, was first called in last Thursday.

During the intense interrogation session that went on for hours on Saturday and Sunday, he was grilled over whether he had sex with the women and if so, whether coercion was involved in the process.

Police said they are planning to summon Park a few more times.

"Even if there is no physical evidence, there have been rulings made in favor of victims if their testimonies are consistent and reasonable," said Kang Sin-myeong, the National Police Agency Commissioner-General. (Yonhap)

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