‘Creative Korea’ new nation brand slogan

By Lee Woo-young
  • Published : Jul 4, 2016 - 14:09
  • Updated : Jul 4, 2016 - 17:10
The Culture Ministry revealed “Creative Korea” as a new slogan for branding the nation on Monday.

“The new brand slogan promotes the value that the Republic of Korea upholds and an image that the country wants to promote abroad,” said Kim Jong-deok, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, at a news conference announcing the brand slogan and logo design on Monday. 

Creative Korea logo (The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

The new slogan and logo were created following nationwide polls the government conducted among citizens who were asked about keywords that represent “Koreanness,” as well as design contests. The logo, designed with motifs from the national flag of Korea, has words written in red and blue and in clean, modern typography.

“Some 1.2 million keywords that citizens voted to represent Korea were grouped into three representative words -- creativity, passion and harmony,” said Kim. “Creativity reflects the direction that the country wants to move in,” he added. 

The new brand replaces the long defunct slogan “Dynamic Korea” that the country used during the 2002 World Cup hosted by Korea and Japan. The nation brand project resumed last year to mark the 70th anniversary of the independence of Korea from Japan and to set a new national identity of Korea. 

Poster for Creative Korea (The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

The government plans to promote the new brand via television commercials on major channels abroad such as CNN and BBC and through Korean Embassies and cultural institutes in major cities abroad. The commercials feature several leading Korean celebrities, including actor Song Joong-ki, actress Song Hye-kyo, K-pop idol group Big Bang and other popular cultural figures, including Go player Lee Se-dol and pianist Cho Seong-jin.

By Lee Woo-young (