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CJ Group siblings sued by half-sibling

[THE INVESTOR] CJ Group chairman Lee Jae-hyun is being sued by a half-sibling born to his father out of wedlock, Seoul Central District Court revealed on June 23.

The plaintiff was born to late CJ Group honorary chairman Lee Maeng-hee and an actress in 1964. He filed a paternity suit in 2004 and was confirmed as Lee Maeng-hee’s offspring. 

Late CJ Group honorary chairman Lee Maeng-hee.
Late CJ Group honorary chairman Lee Maeng-hee.

The latest suit seeks compensation of 210 million won (US$182,000), claiming that the plaintiff was barred by the chairman, his siblings and their mother from attending his father’s funeral in August 2015, and that their action resulted in psychological hardship.

The plaintiff claims that CJ Group did not respond to requests to attend the funeral, and that the plaintiff was prevented by CJ security personnel from paying his respects.

In addition to the compensation suit, the plaintiff has also filed a suit seeking inheritance from the late CJ Group honorary chairman.

CJ Group, however, claims that the elder Lee only left 600 million won and 1.8 billion won debt.

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