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'The Handmaiden' tops box office

Award-winning director Park Chan-wook’s new film “The Handmaiden” has topped the box office, attracting over 550,000 moviegoers within the first two days of its release.

The film, which opened in local theaters on Wednesday, attracted 558,930 audiences from then to Thursday, according to the Korean Film Council on Friday.

Though viewers under 19 are not allowed, the film attracted about 300,000 audiences on its release day. 

Ha Jung-woo (left) and Kim Tae-ri star in “The Handmaiden.” (CJ E&M)
Ha Jung-woo (left) and Kim Tae-ri star in “The Handmaiden.” (CJ E&M)

“The Handmaiden” is an erotic thriller inspired by the historical crime novel “Fingersmith” by Sarah Waters.

Set against the backdrop of Korea and Japan during the Japanese colonial era, the film centers on the conspiracy of a count (Ha Jung-woo) who tries to get his hands on the inheritance of a young Japanese heiress (Kim Min-hee). The count hires a pickpocket (Kim Tae-ri) to serve as the heiress’ handmaiden and take part in the conspiracy.

It was screened in the 69th Cannes International Film Festival, which ended on May 22.

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