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[팟캐스트](145) 한강 작가, ‘채식주의자’로 맨부커상 수상 외 1건

진행자: 손지영, Julie Jackson

기사요약: 작가 한강이 연작소설 ‘채식주의자’로 세계 3대 문학상 중 하나인 영국 맨부커 인터네셔널 상을 수상하였다. 이로써 한강 작가는 아시아 최초 수상자, 또한 역대 최연소 수상자라는 타이틀도 함께 거머쥐며 한국 문학계에 큰 획을 긋게 되었다.

1. Han Kang wins Booker award

[1] Korean author Han Kang became the first Korean to win the prestigious Man Booker International Prize for her novel “The Vegetarian” on Monday. British translator Deborah Smith, who translated the novel from Korean to English, was jointly awarded the prize.

* prestigious: 권위 있는
* to translate from A to B: A로부터 B로 번역하다
* jointly: 공동으로

[2] “I wanted to depict a woman who refuses to exercise violence,” Han, 45, said in her acceptance speech at the award ceremony held at London‘s Victoria and Albert Museum on Monday night.

* to depict: 묘사하다
* to exercise violence: 폭력을 가하다

[3] The novel was picked unanimously after a fierce debate among a panel of five judges. Among the five other short-listed works vying for the prize were Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk’s “A Strangeness in My Mind,” Chinese author Yan Lianke’s “The Four Books” and Italian writer Elena Ferrante‘s “The Story of the Lost Child.”

* unanimously: 만장일치로
* short-listed: 선발 후보자로 명단에 오른
* works: 작품
* vying for: ~을 위해 경쟁하다
* Nobel laureate: 노벨 수상자

기사 전문:

2. 국방부 2022년 내로 병역특례 폐지 추진

기사요약: 국방부가 산업기능요원, 전문연구요원과 같은 병역특례 복무를 단계적으로 줄여서 2023년에는 제도를 전면 폐지하는 방안을 추진한다. 인구 감소 추세로 현역병역 자원이 부족하기 때문이란 설명인데, 과학기술계를 비롯해 관련 기업과 부처들은 제도 존치를 주장하고 있다.

2. S. Korea to abolish alternative military service by 2022

[1] South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday it plans to gradually abolish the military’s special rule that allows the conscripted to provide alternate services in lieu of mandatory military service from 2020 to 2022.

* abolish: 폐지하다
* the conscripted: 징집병
* alternate services: 대체복무
* in lieu of: ~대신에

[2] The plans for the phaseout are due to the country’s dwindling population.

* phaseout: 단계적 철수
* dwindling: 줄어드는

[3] “The military speculates that there will be an annual shortage of 20,000 to 30,000 soldiers (by 2023), even considering that the military will be downsized to around 520,000 by then,” said a ministry official.

*to speculate: 추측하다
*shortage: 부족
*to be downsized: 축소되다

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