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Busan Motor Show woos Tesla

Despite the absence in the exhibition hall, the 2016 Busan International Motor Show continues to contact Tesla, the U.S.-based luxury electric vehicle-maker, with intentions of inviting a high-profile official from the automaker in the global spotlight with the recent launch of Model 3, its first mass-market EV model.

“Tesla is one of three global automakers that we are striving to invite a speaker for a gala dinner to be held on June 1, one day before the opening,” said Yoo Dong-hyun from BEXCO, the lead organizer of the 2016 Busan Motor Show.

Poster for the 2016 Busan International Motor Show BIMOS.
Poster for the 2016 Busan International Motor Show BIMOS.

Tesla has yet to decide whether to send an executive to the biannual motor show, set to kick off in Korea’s second city on June 2, but the organizer remains positive that its entry to the Korean market is imminent.

Besides the exclusive dinner with a global industry expert, the 8th Busan Motor Show develops a variety of auto-related programs and events with 25 participating auto brands in and out of the venue to transform the 15-year-old motor show into a regional auto festival.

“Under the theme of ‘Future Wave, Inspiring Technology,’ the 8th Busan Motor Show seeks to combine the auto exhibition with culture to differentiate itself from other global motor shows,” Yoo said.

This is part of reason the organizer chose the event date in line with the opening of Haeundae beach, the most famous beach in the country.

As for auto brands displaying their new and best-selling cars during the 2016 Busan Motor Show, the organizer said seven Korean brands, including Hyundai, Genesis, Kia and Renault Samsung, as well as Chevrolet, will set up booths. Also, 18 imported car brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Ford, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus and Maserati will show off their new cars.

The organizer didn’t release information on world or Asia premiere cars upon request from participants.

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