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41% of jobs concentrated in Seoul

A recent survey found that 41 percent of jobs in South Korea are concentrated in Seoul.

Analysis of a total 6,509,703 recruitment notices posted last year by companies registered with JobKorea, a recruitment service provider, showed that 40.9 percent of them were located in Seoul.

Jobs in Gyeonggi Province made up 24.7 percent of the total, while those in Incheon made up 7.7 percent. Those in Busan made up 5.4 percent and Daegu took up 3.2 percent. There were the fewest jobs in the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Gangwon Province.
Regional disparities in income, economic growth and population have been chronic problems in South Korea.

Each region had distinct types of jobs, but most recruitment in Seoul was in the banking, insurance and financial industries. This was followed by food and beverage businesses, restaurants and other franchises, along with department stores, retailers, shopping malls and social commerce companies.

In regions such as the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Gangwon Province, where many tourist attractions are located, most recruitment came from hotels, travel agencies and airliners, the survey showed.

In Ulsan, 32 percent of the jobs were in the fields of automobiles, shipping and steel. The same tendency was shown in nearby Gyeongsang Province.

Incheon and Chungcheong Province had the most job openings in the electrical and semiconductor fields.


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