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'Running Man' star Lee Kwang-soo cast for Web-based drama

South Korean actor Lee Kwang-soo from the popular TV variety show "Running Man" has been cast for the first web-based drama to be produced by terrestrial network KBS, a PR agency in Seoul said.

According to The Tik Tok, Lee will star as the male protagonist Jo Seok in "Sound of Mind," based on the popular web cartoon of the same name by cartoonist Jo Seok.

The autobiographical cartoon has appeared since September 2006 on the country's biggest portal site Naver, and has been a sleeper hit among Korean readers for its comical description of the helpless cartoonist and his equally pathetic family.

KBS is trying out its luck in the nascent web-based drama, and "Sound of Mind" is its first project on the front. The portal site Naver, production company Cross Pictures, and popular TV producer Seo Soo-min will also participate in the production.

Actor Lee is expected to display his characteristic funny performances, and budding actress Jung So-min is cast for the female lead role Ae-bong.

The drama will be filmed in early April, with an aim to be available this fall on Naver. The TV adaptation will also be produced for later use on KBS 2TV. (Yonhap)