LG to begin selling G5 on Mar.31

2016-03-18 13:52

LG Electronics said Friday it will start the global sales of its latest flagship smartphone, the G5 as of Mar.31.

First introduced at the Mobile World Congress last month, the G5 is acclaimed as the industry‘s first “Modular Type” smartphone, which connects with various accessories, including a camera controller that allows users to control the handset like a digital single-lens reflex camera.

The release of the G5 comes after rival Samsung Electronics began selling its Galaxy S7 smartphone last week. 


The G5 comes with promotional gifts that involve a gadget that allows users to activate the smartphone like a digital camera, as well as a battery pack that is worth more than $100.

The freebies, however, will vary depending on the country, LG added.
The company will also provide a discount of 38 percent on high-quality audio modules produced by Bang & Olufsen.

Sources earlier said LG will also start sales of its virtual reality device, the LG 360 VR, that will boast improved features compared to the one showcased at the MWC, including better light blockage.