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[팟캐스트](133) 선거구 확정 외 1건


진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 여야 선거구 확정, 테러방지법 놓고 이년

기사요약: 여야가 11개월 넘게 끌어온 선거구 확정 등 선거제도 개편 논의를 마무리지었다. 그러나 야당 의원들이 이른바 '테러방지법'을 필리버스터를 통해 저지하는 등 여야간의 갈등이 이어지고 있다.

Parties reach agreement on constituency map

[1] Rival parties on Tuesday reached a last-minute agreement on the renewed demarcation of electoral districts for the parliamentary elections on April 13, ending an unprecedented 54-day legislative vacuum.

* rival parties: 국회(National Assembly)의 여야 정당 (ruling party: 여당, opposition party: 야당, main opposition party: 제1야당)
* last-minute: 막판의, 막판에 이루어진 (=last-moment, last-second)
* reach an agreement: 합의하다 (=reach an accord, see eye to eye on ~: ~를 놓고 견해가 일치하다)
* demarcation: 경계, 구분
* electoral district: 선거구
* parliamentary election: 총선
* unprecedented: 유례없는

[2] But they continued to clash over the antiterrorism bill, with the ruling party and parliamentary speaker attempted to bulldoze the legislation and the main opposition party launched a filibuster to deter its passage.

* clash: 충돌하다, (= disagree, butt heads)
* parliamentary speaker: 국회의장
* bulldoze: 불도저로 밀어붙히다, 강행하다 (=push ahead, press ahead)
* legislation: 입법
* deter: 저지하다 (= hinder, prevent)
* filibuster: 무제한 토론을 통한 의사 진행 방해

[3] Kim Moo-sung and Kim Jong-in, the respective chiefs of the ruling Saenuri Party and The Minjoo Party of Korea, met hours before the afternoon parliamentary plenary session and agreed on the final version of new constituencies under the mediation of National Assembly Speaker Chung Ui-hwa.

* respective: 각각의 (<-> collective 집단의, 단체의)
* plenary: 총회의, 전원 출석의 (parliamentary plenary session: 국회 본회의)
* constituency: 선거구
* mediation: 중재


2. 미국-러시아, 시리아 지역에서 휴전 합의

기사요약: 미국과 러시아가 27일(현지시간)으로부터 시리아 지역에서 '적대 행위'를 중지하는 휴전 합의를 수용했다는 내용입니다. 그러나 해당 협약이 지속될 지 여부에 대해서는 의견이 갈리고 있다.

U.S., Russia agree on Syria cease-fire plan

[1] A landmark truce is to take effect in Syria on Saturday, the United States and Russia announced, but the “cessation of hostilities” does not include the Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front, the main jihadist factions.

* landmark: (형용사) 기념비적인, (명사) 주요지형물
* cessation: 중단 (=halt)
* hostilities: 적대행위 (hostile: 적대적인, hostile forces: 적)
* faction: 당파, 파벌

* truce: 휴전 및 정전 협정

[2] The leading opposition group in the five-year conflict gave its conditional acceptance to Monday‘s announcement, but Israel said it was skeptical the deal would hold, and analysts warned any pause in the fighting would be dependent on Russia, Iran and President Bashar Assad.

* conflict: 갈등, (물리적) 충돌
* conditional: 조건부 (<->unconditional. unconditional surrender: 무조건 항복)
* acceptance: 수락 (<-> rejection)
* skeptical: 회의적인 (doubtful: 의문을 갖는)

[3] The announcement came a day after the deadliest jihadist attack in Syria’s brutal civil war, with 134 people -- mostly civilians -- killed in a series of blasts near Damascus.

* deadliest: 가장 사상자를 많이 낸, 가장 치명적인 (casualty: 사상자)
* civil war: 내전
* civilian: 민간인
* series of: 일련의, 연속된 (= a slew of, a string of)