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Weekend Box Office Guide: Feb. 6-7

By 원호정

Published : Feb. 5, 2016 - 17:07

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Heading to the theaters this weekend? Whether you're looking for an artistic film to add class to your holiday, something to watch with your kids, or something to make you cry, the silver screen's got you covered.
The Korea Herald offers a guide to the top movies playing this weekend.

Carol (U.K., U.S.)
Drama. Directed by Todd Haynes
Opened Feb. 4

Set in the conservative 1950s Manhattan, “Carol” follows the dangerous romance that buds between Therese (Rooney Mara) and Carol (Cate Blanchett). The two women give in to their feelings while struggling with social taboos and their vastly different backgrounds.

A Violent Prosecutor (Korea)
Crime. Directed by Lee Il-hyung
Opened Feb. 3

Hotheaded prosecutor Jae-wook (Hwang Jung-min) suddenly finds himself behind bars convicted of murder when a suspect he was investigating turns up dead. When he meets the handsome con man Chi-won (Gang Dong-won), he senses that Chi-won is the man to help him clear his name and helps Chi-won stay out of jail -- but Chi-won has different plans once he’s set free.

Kung Fu Panda 3 (U.S.)
Animation. Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Opened Jan. 28

The fun-loving and perpetually hungry Po (Jack Black) reunites with his long-lost father Li (Bryan Cranston) and learns to enjoy life at the idyllic Panda Village. But when a supernatural villain threatens the mortal realm, he must train the community of pandas to stand up against him.

SORI: Voice from the Heart (Korea)
Drama. Directed by Lee Ho-jae
Opened Jan. 27

After 10 years of searching for his lost daughter, Hae-gwan (Lee Sung-min) is running out of resources and ideas. Just then, he comes across a robot that is able to locate people via satellite based on their voice -- and realizes it may hold the clue to his daughter’s whereabouts.

A Melody to Remember (Korea)
Drama, war. Directed by Lee Han
Opened Jan. 21

Sang-ryeol (Im Si-wan) is a soldier who has lost everyone he loves in the Korean War. He is sent to another division, and meets a group of children who have lost everything, just like him. Along with volunteer teacher Ju-mi (Ko A-sung), he creates a children’s choir to bring a little warmth to the cold battlefield.

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