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[팟캐스트](124) 한은, 미 연준 금리인상에 대비 외 1건


진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 한은, 미 연준 금리인상에 대비

기사요약: 미국 연방준비은행이 기준금리 인상에 할 것으로 예상되는 가운데, 한국은행은 이와 같은 결정이 국내 금융 시장이 미치는 영향에 대비해 대책을 준비하고 있다.

Korea on guard against fallout from U.S. rate hike

[1] As the countdown begins for the U.S. interest rate hike, Korea is on edge to guard against its potential fallout on local financial markets.

* on guard: 조심/경계하여
* fallout: 여파 (유의어: aftermath)
* on edge: 신경이 곤두서 있다, 불안해 안절부절 못하다
* potential: 잠재적인 (=possible)
* financial markets: 금융시장

[2] The Bank of Korea is in an emergency response mode -- monitoring global markets round-the-clock since Monday -- getting ready to intervene if there is excessive volatility.

* emergency response mode: 비상대비 태세
* monitor: 주시하다 (=keep an eye on~)
* round-the-clock: 끊임없이, 계속해서
* intervene: 개입하다, 간섭하다(=interfere)
* excessive: 과도한 (=moderate: 적당한)
* volatility: 변동성

[3] After a two-day policy meeting, the U.S. Federal Reserve is widely expected to increase its benchmark borrowing rate Wednesday, ending a seven-year era of near-zero interest rates that has defined its response to the financial crisis.

* policy meeting: 정책회의
* widely expected to~: ~할 것으로 널리 예상되다 (slated to, scheduled to: ~할 예정이다)
* benchmark: 기준
* interest rate: 이자율
* era: 시대 (=age, period)
* financial crisis: 금융위기


2. 정부, 서울시 광화문 광장 태극기 게양 놓고 대립

기사요약:  태극기를 서울 광화문 광장에 영구적으로 게양하는 문제를 두고 국가보훈처와 서울시가 갈등을 빚고 있다.

City, ministry in a flap over flag

[1] The war of words is heating up between the government and Seoul City over the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs’ plans to raise the national flag at the heart of downtown in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the country’s liberation from Japan this year.

* war of word: 설전, 논쟁, 입씨름(=debate)
* Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs: 국가보훈처
* national flag: 국기
* heart of the ~: ~의 중심에 (= in the center of the ~)
* in commemoration of~: ~를 기념하여 (= in memory of)
* liberation: 독립 (=emancipation)

[2] The tit-for-tat over how long and where the giant flag pole should be installed represents a fresh standoff between the conservative government of President Park Geun-hye and the progressive municipality run by Mayor Park Won-soon.

* tit-for-tat: 치고 받기, 맞대응
* fresh: 새로운 (a fresh round of ~: 새로운 ~)
* standoff: 교착상태, 대립상태 (conflict, head-butting)
* municipality: 지방 자치제 (municipal/city government: 시정부)

[3] The Park administration has been campaigning for active use of the national flag as part of its move to promote patriotism, a move that has often met with criticism for wasting tax money or forcing loyalty. 

* campaign for ~: ~를 위한 운동을 하다
* promote: 고취시키다, 홍보하다
* patriotism: 애국심
* meet with: ~에 부딫히다/맞닥뜨리다