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'칠집 싸이다' 뮤비 공개

A captured image from Psy's
A captured image from Psy's "Daddy" music video (The Korea Herald)
월드 스타 싸이가 정규 7집 ‘칠집싸이다’로 컴백했다.

그가 30일 앨범 ‘칠집싸이다’ 기자회견 중 공개한 더블 타이틀곡 ‘나팔바지’와 ‘Daddy’ 뮤직비디오는 싸이만의 독특한 색깔과 특유의 유머코드가 섞여있어 “역시 싸이”라는 감탄사를 자아내게 한다.

‘칠집싸이다’는 오는 1일 0시 공개될 예정이다.


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Psy’s new MV is 100% going to go viral

Psy released music videos for his long-waited seventh album “Chiljip Psy-da,” and we think this is going to go viral worldwide, and live up to the “Gangnam Style” fame.

During a press conference held in Seoul on Monday, Psy unveiled music videos to “Napal Baji” and “Daddy,” both of which have bouncy techno beat and a wacky mix of Korean and English lyrics.

The album title plays on the name of a popular beverage in South Korea, Chilsung Cider. “Chiljip Psy-da” means “This is seventh album Psy” in Korean.

The new album will come out on Tuesday.

By Lim Jong-yo and Suk Gee-hyun (