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Suzy used to be street dancer

Singer and actress Suzy said that before she joined JYP Entertainment, she used to perform on the streets as part of a dance crew.

According to the Miss A member, she did it to show her parents how much she really loved to perform.

Suzy (JYP Entertainment)
Suzy (JYP Entertainment)

“I had to convince my parents (to let me be a singer),” she said in an interview at a cafe in Seoul Monday. “They thought that more than singing and dancing, I was attracted to the glamour.”

Suzy said that she walked by a dance crew performing on the streets one day, and decided that was where she would learn to dance.

“They were so amazing, and I just went up to them asked them to take me as a student. They normally didn’t train dancers and were only performers,” she said. “But the leader liked my initiative and took me in.”

Suzy practiced with the crew, and when they let her give her first performance with them, she called her parents.

“It was just a street performance,” she recalled. “There were exactly three people in the crowd. But I asked my parents to come, and when they saw me they were convinced of my passion.”

By Won Ho-jung (
Korea Herald daum