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[팟캐스트](120) 파리 테러 ‘8번째 용의자’ 도주, 유럽 비상


진행자: 석지현, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 파리 테러 ‘8번째 용의자’ 도주, 유럽 비상

기사요약: 세계를 경악시킨 프랑스 파리 테러를 조사 중인 프랑스 경찰이 용의자 1명을 새롭게 추적 중인 사실이 알려지면서 유럽에 비상이 걸렸다.

Europe on edge with at least one Paris attacker on the run

[1] Europe was on high alert Tuesday with at least one of the Paris attackers on the run, as France and Russia formed an unusual alliance against the Islamic State jihadists who have claimed the worst attacks in French history.

*on high alert: 경계 태세를 갖추다 (=on full alert)
*unusual: 흔치 않은. (that was an unusual decision/move by the government)
*Islamic State jihadist: 이슬람 국가 무장단체, 이슬람 극단주의자, 테러범

[2] In a sign of the nervousness after Friday‘s carnage in Paris, a soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands -- which German Chancellor Angela Merkel was due to attend -- was canceled and the crowd evacuated after police acted on a “serious” bomb threat.

*In a sign of: ~의 표시로
*evacuate: 대피하다 (empty the building, escape the building)
*act on: 조치를 취하다, ~에 따라 행동하다

[3] The friendly match in the northern German city of Hanover had been intended as a “symbol of freedom” after the shooting spree and suicide bombings in Paris, which left at least 129 people dead.

*shooting spree: 총기 난사 (spree: 한바탕 저지르는 것. shopping spree)


2. 롯데, SK 면세점 사업 잃고 험난한 앞길

기사요약: 14일 발표된 면세점 사업자 선정에서 유통 강자인 신세계가 서울시내에 신규 진입했다. 유통시장에 재입성한 두산도 다크호스로 떠올라 면세점 시장에 지각 변동이 불가피해졌다.

Lotte, SK Networks face tough road after losing duty-free licenses

[1] The failure of duty-free operators to get their licenses renewed for operating stores in Seoul is taking its toll on their staff and location management, sources said Tuesday.

*licenses: 허가권
*take a toll on: 손실을 입히다, 큰 타격을 주다

[2] Korea’s top duty-free operator Lotte and SK Group subsidiary SK Networks have to close their lucrative duty-free stores ― one each ― after the government chose to give the licenses to rival bidders Shinsegae and Doosan last week.

*lucrative: 수익성이 좋은 (=profitable)

[3] To minimize the negative impact of losing stores, the conglomerates are now mapping out plans on utilizing their duty-free shop space, even as their staff risk losing jobs.

*map out: 계획하다, 준비하다 (=planning, laying out plans)
*utilize: 활용하다 (=use)