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MIKTA condemns terrorist bombings in Turkey

South Korea and three other nations Monday condemned the terrorist bombings in Turkey that killed at least 97 people over the weekend.

The foreign ministers of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia, which together form the middle-power MIKTA group with Turkey, issued a statement condemning the attacks launched on a peaceful rally in Ankara on Saturday.

"We extend our sincere condolences to the victims and families of those involved and wish those injured a speedy recovery," the statement said. "Terrorism is one of the major challenges of our time and we stand with the people of Turkey in solidarity as we face this common threat that knows no borders, respects no belief, and holds no respect for human rights."

MIKTA was launched in September 2013 to promote cooperation among the middle-power states.

It has issued joint statements in the wake of major international events, such as the downing of a Malaysian airliner in July 2014 and the spread of the Ebola virus in September of that same year. (Yonhap)