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[팟캐스트](114) 북한 로켓발사 10월달 어려울 듯 외 1건


진행자: 석지현, Julie Jackson

1.  북한 장거리 로켓발사 10월달 어려울 듯

기사요약:  북한이 오는 토요일 노동당 창건 기념일에 맞춰 장거리 로켓을 발사할 가능성이 거의 없는 것으로 보인다. 당국은 장거리 미사일 발사 계획이 아예 백지화 된 것은 아니며 로켓 없이 경축 행사 위주로 진행 될 것으로 관측하고 있다.


Koreas agree to hold family reunions next month

[1] North Korea is unlikely to launch a rocket Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party, Seoul officials and experts said Tuesday, noting that there were no signs yet of Pyongyang’s preparations for any imminent launch.

*unlikely to: ~할 가능성이 낮다
*mark: ~에 맞춰, ~를 맞아서.
*imminent: 임박한, 목전의 (=looming)

[2] The prediction came as Seoul has been stepping up diplomacy to prevent the communist regime from conducting yet another provocation that would strain cross-border relations and plunge it into deeper isolation.

*prediction: (=anticipation, speculation)
*conduct: ~을 진행하다 (conduct an interview 인터뷰를 진행하다) (=carry out)
*provocation: 도발, 자극 (=provocative action 도발적 행동)
*plunge: 급락하다, 거꾸러지다 (급락의 의미: Sales plunged in the second quarter due to the MERS outbreak)

[3] “Currently, there are no signs of any imminent rocket launch such as the transportation of rocket bodies (to a launch site),” a senior official at Seoul’s Foreign Ministry told reporters on the condition of anonymity.

*on the condition of anonymity: (=declining to be named/identified.)


2. 트위터, CEO에 공동창업자 잭 도시 임명

기사요약: 소셜 미디어 업체 트위터가 잭 도시 임시 CEO를 정식 CEO로 임명했다. 잭 도시는 9년 전, 에반윌리엄스, 비즈 스톤 그리고 노아 글래스와 함께 트위터를 세운 공동 창립자로써 이번이 CEO로써 두 번째 임기다.

Twitter founder given a second chance as CEO

[1] Twitter is embracing Jack Dorsey as its CEO in hopes that its once-spurned cofounder can hatch a plan to expand the short messaging service’s audience and end nearly a decade of financial losses.

*embrace: 원래는 껴안다, 포옹하다의 의미. 여기서는 받아들이다 수용하다의 뜻으로 쓰여.
*once-spurned: 한때 쫓겨났던
*hatch a plan: 대안을 강구하다, 계획을 세우다, 대책을 세우다

[2] The hiring revealed Monday in a regulatory filing ends Twitter’s three-month search for a new leader. It marks Dorsey’s second stint as CEO since he helped start the San Francisco company more than nine years ago with Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.

*regulatory filing: 공시 *end: ~을 끝마치게 하다

[3] Twitter dumped Dorsey his first time around, but its board of directors is now convinced he has the maturity and expertise to fix the problems that have caused the company’s stock to lose nearly half its value in the past five months.

*dump: 버리다
*convinced: 확신하다 (=certain, confident)

[4] The maritime police said the initial response to the accident was delayed largely because of a false re-port by a man who was supposed to be on board but was not.

*largely: 주로, 대체로 (=mainly, mostly because) 
*supposed to be: ~했었어야 했다.