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[팟캐스트](108) 남북, 긴장 완화 위해 노력 외 1건

윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer
1. 남북, 군사적 긴장상태 완화 위한 노력에 나서
기사요약: 최근 북한의 포격 도발에 이은 남북간의 군사적 긴장상태가 이어졌으나 남북 고위급 회담이 25일 새벽에 극적으로 합의점에 도달하면서 일단락되었다. 이에 남북은 한반도의 긴장상태를 완화하기 위해 나섰다.
팟빵 (안드로이드):


Koreas set out to defuse military tension
[1] Following a hard-fought breakthrough, the two Koreas began taking steps Tuesday to defuse tension on the peninsula, as the South halted anti-Pyongyang broadcasts along the border as of midday and the North lifted its quasi-state of war and was seen reinstating some frontline military forces.
* following~: ~이후에 (=after ~, *on the coattails of~: ~직후에. * in the aftermath of~: ~의 여파로)
* taking steps for/to: ~를 위한 단계를 밟다
* defuse: 폭탄을 해제하다, (위기/위험 등을) 완화시키다
* border: 국경선
* quasi~: ~,
* quasi-state of war: 준 전시상태
* reinstate: 복귀시키다
* frontline: 최전선
[2] The broadcasts and wartime declaration came to an end at noon, hours after the two sides clinched a six-point agreement in which Pyongyang displayed regret over a recent land mine blasts in the Demilitarized Zone and ensuing wounds on two South Korean soldiers in return for Seouls conditional cessation of loudspeaker operations.
* wartime declaration: 전시 선포
* come to an end: 끝나다(=end, halt, cease)
* mid-day: 정오(=noon)
* clinch: ~를 확정 짓다(=finalize)
* agreement: 합의
* in return for: ~에 대한 대가로 (=in exchange for~)
* conditional: 조건부
[3] They also agreed to hold formal talks in Seoul or Pyongyang at an early date to explore ways to mend their ties and have a working-level meeting in early September to arrange a fresh round of reunions of separated families in time for the Chuseok holidays at the end of the month. The announcement followed 43 hours of negotiations that kicked off Saturday.
* formal: 정식(<->informal)
* mend ties: 관계를 회복하다 (유의어: build a bridge between A and B: A B 사이의 화해의 물꼬를 틀다, get over the past: 과거 일을 극복하고 화해하다, reach out to~: ~에게 화해의 손길을 내밀다
* working-level meeting: 실무 접촉
* in time for~: ~하는 시간에 늦지 않게
* kick off: 시작하다(=began, commence)
2. 일본, 우주정거장에 위스키 보내
기사요약: 일본의 한 주류업체가 최근에 무중력 숙성 등 실험을 위해 우주정거장에 위스키를 보냈다. 이와 같은 실험은 나사의 동의 하에 이뤄졌다.
팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Spirits arrived at the International Space Station on Monday. Not the ghostly ones, but the kind you drink distilled spirits.
* distilled spirits: 증류주
* spirit: 영혼
* ghostly: 귀신(유령)같은
[2] The six astronauts wont be sneaking a sip. Its all for science. A Japanese company known for its whiskey and other alcoholic beverages included five types of distilled spirits in a space station cargo ship.
* astronaut: 우주인
* sneak a sip: 몰래 한 모금 마시다 (take a sip: 한 모금 마시다)
* known for~: ~로 널리 알려지다, ~로 유명하다 (=famous for, * notorious for: ~로 악명이 높다)
* alcoholic beverage: 주류 (beverage: 음료)
* cargo ship: 화물선
[3] The stations big robotic arm operated by Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui grabbed onto the supply craft launched Wednesday by his homeland.
* grab onto: ~를 움켜쥐다
* homeland: 고향
[4] The supply ship contains about 15,000 kg of cargo, including the six liquor samples. Suntory Global Innovation Center in Tokyo wants to see if alcoholic beverages mellow the same in space as they do on Earth.
* supply ship: 보급선
* mellow: 숙성하다, 익다 (유의어: ripe)
[5] The experiment has NASAs blessing. Spokesman Dan Huot said all research flown to the space station is agreed upon by everyone involved.
* to give someone blessing: ~를 승인해 주다
* agree upon~: ~에 관해 동의를 하다