[팟캐스트](106) 북한 DMZ 목함 지뢰 도발 외 1건

By Shin Ji-hye
  • Published : Aug 12, 2015 - 14:17
  • Updated : Aug 12, 2015 - 14:22


진행자: 석지현 , Julie Jackson

1. 북한 DMZ 목함 지뢰 도발, 军 “주도권 장악 작전 벌일 것”

기사 요약:  우리 군이 지난 주 비무장지대(DMZ)에서 발생한 지뢰 폭발사건을 북한군의 도발로 간주하고 11년만의 대북 확성기 방송을 재개하는 등 대응에 나선 가운데, DMZ 수색·정찰작전 개념도 보다 공세적으로 전환될 전망이다.

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Seoul goes on the offensive after N.K. mine blast in DMZ

[1] Defense Minister Han Min-koo on Tuesday pledged to step up efforts to seize the upper hand in the Demilitarized Zone and take other punitive steps against North Korea over its perceived breach of borders and mine-planting activities.

*step up: 증가, 강화시키다 (=intensify, accelerate)
*seize: 붙잡다, 움켜잡다
*seize the upper hand: 우위를 차지하다, 주도권을 잡다
*punitive: 처벌적인, 징벌을 위한, 가혹한 (punitive taxation)
*perceived: ~라고 여겨지는
*breach: 위반 (=violation of) (breach of contract, breach of copyright)
*mine: 지뢰

[2] His remarks came one day after the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that North Korean troops had recently crossed the border and planted the three land mines that inflicted serious injuries on two South Korean soldiers last week.

*remarks: 발언 (=comment)
*inflict: (괴로움이나 손해를) 가하다, 안기다

[3] In retaliation, the South Korean military restarted loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts after more than 11 years, on an irregular basis in two frontline midwest regions and plans to gradually expand them. It issued a full alert on Tuesday and is deploying additional firearms and reconnaissance assets such as CCTV-equipped drones in the areas to better monitor the movement across the Military Demarcation Line and counter any potential attacks.

*retaliation: 보복, 앙갚음 (=revenge)
*propaganda: (정치 지도자・정당 등에 대한 허위・과장된) 선전
*deploy: 배치하다 (=position, station)
*firearm: 화기
*reconnaissance: 정찰
*counter: 대응하다 (=block, respond to, defend)

기사 전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150811000978

2. 롯데 신동빈 회장 대국민 사과

기사 요약: 신동빈 롯데그룹 회장이 롯데그룹의 지배구조 및 경영권 논란을 해결할 카드로 호텔롯데 기업공개(IPO)와 순환출자 해소 의지를 밝혔다. 지난 달 말에 시작된 경영권 다툼 과정에서 '반(反) 롯데' 정서가 확산되고 정부의 전방위적인 압박이 가해지자 특단의 대책을 꺼내든 것으로 보인다.


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Lotte pledges to list hotel, cut circular shareholding

[1] Lotte Group chairman Shin Dong-bin on Tuesday bowed to public pressure and announced a plan to reform the conglomerate’s complicated circular shareholding structure by this year to ensure transparency.

*bow to: 받아들이다 (=unwillingly agree/accept)

*circular shareholding structure: 순환출자 구조.
*ensure: 보장하다 (=secure)

[2] Offering a public apology over his family’s feud over the succession of the 90 trillion-won business empire, chairman Shin also said he would push for the listing of Hotel Lotte, the controlling tower of 80 Lotte affiliates in Korea.

*feud: 오랫동안의 불화, (= prolonged quarrel, prolonged dispute, row 언쟁)
*business empire: 대기업
*listing: 상장 (listed company, unlisted firm)

[3] The listing plan is seen by analysts as the chairman’s strategy to weaken the influence over Lotte operations in Korea by the Japanese holding company -- the largest shareholder of the hotel.

*seen by… as…:~에게 ~라고 평가되다
*weaken: 약화시키다 (=reduce, <->strengthen, enhance)

기사 전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150811001092