[팟캐스트](104) 메르스 종식선언 외 1건

By Shin Ji-hye
  • Published : Jul 30, 2015 - 12:48
  • Updated : Aug 5, 2015 - 17:08

진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson
1. 정부, 메르스 ‘사실상’ 종식 선언 및 병원 문화 개선
기사요약: 황교안 국무총리가 이번주 사실상 메르스 사태가 종식되었음을 선언한 데 이어, 복지부는 메르스 확산에 일조한 것으로 추정되는 병문안 및 간호 문화를 개선하기로 나섰다.

After MERS, Korea vows hospital culture reform
[1] Seoul announced that it will make efforts to change the nations hospital culture, which involves family members staying with patients in hospital rooms as main caretakers, after declaring a de facto end to the outbreak of the Middle East respiratory syndrome Tuesday.
* make efforts to~: ~하려고 노력하다 (=attempt to ~, seek to ~)
* involve ~: ~를 수반하다, 포함하다(=include)
* caretaker:간병인 (take care of ~: ~를 돌보다)
* declare: announce (pronounce: 선포하다)
* respiratory: 호흡기의
* de facto: 사실상의
* outbreak: (병의) 발생, 발병 (epidemic: 전염성 질병이 급격히 퍼지는 것. pandemic: 유행성 질병이 여러 국가 등 다양한 범위에 걸쳐 퍼지는 것)
[2]We now confirm that the citizens can worry no more (about the possible infection), Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn said, announcing that the outbreak in South Korea is practically over.
* possible: 가능한 (=potential)
* practically: 실질적으로(=virtually, effectively)
[3]I ask the public to shake off all your worries (over MERS) and return to your normal lives, enjoying economic, cultural, leisure and academic activities.
* shake off: (~에 대한 우려 등을) 털어내다.
[4] The current hospital system, in which family members provide basic care normally carried out by nursing staff in other developed nations, has been largely blamed for the MERS spread, which has claimed 36 lives here since May. Many Koreans who contracted the virus did so while caring for their family members at MERS-affected hospitals.
* nursing staff: 간호진(medical staff: 의료진)
* claim ~ lives: ~의 목숨을 앗아가다 (take life: 죽이다, casualty: 사상자, fatality: 사망자)
* contract a disease: 질병에 걸리다 (=catch a disease)

2. 야당, 국정원 민간인 사찰 의혹 관련 공세 이어가
기사요약: 민간인 불법 사찰 의혹을 받고 있는 국가정보원이 이를 전면 부정하고 있는 가운데 야당이 국정원에 대해 스스로의 의혹을 “셀프검증”했다고 지적하며 공세를 이어가고 있다.

NPAD calls NIS testimonies foul
* call(cry) foul: ~가 불공정하거나 불법이라고 지적하다.
[1] Tension escalated between the main political parties on Tuesday over the testimonies from the spy agency chief who had denied during a parliamentary session the use of hacking software to conduct civilian surveillance
* tension: 긴장상태 (feud: 갈등)
* testimony: 증언
* spy agency: 정보 기관
* conduct: 시행하다(=carry out)
[2] The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy condemned the testimonies as an attempt to cover up its wrongdoing while the ruling Saenuri Party urged the NPAD to stop inflating rumors that might compromise the nations cybersecurity.
* condemn: 규탄하다 (=denounce)
* cover up: 감추다, 가리다 (conceal, hide)
* wrongdoing: 범법행위, 부정행위(=misdeed)
* urge: 촉구하다
* inflate: 부풀리다 (<-> deflate: 쪼그라트리다, 공기를 빼다)
* compromise: 위협하다 (=jeopardize)
[3] The partisan showdown came a day after the NIS chief Lee Byung-ho testified before a parliamentary closed-door session. Lee reportedly said the NIS had found no evidence of civilian surveillance after its internal investigation into files deleted by the deceased NIS official who purchased and used the hacking device.
* partisan: 당파간의
* showdown: 대립, 결전 (=standoff)
* closed-door: 비공개의 (<->open-door:개방된)
* reportedly: 보도에 따르면 (allegedly: 주장된 바에 따르면, supposedly: 추정된 바에 따르면)
* surveillance: 감시, 관찰
* internal: 내부의(<->external: 외부의)
* investigation: 조사 (=probe)