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[Album Review] Sonamoo leaves more to be desired on 'Cushion' EP

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Sonamoo splashed into the K-pop scene proclaiming that they would be different. With tall, pretty members each with 3 to 4 years of training experience, they seemed ready to bring something fresh to the market. Their first EP “Déjà vu” was favorably received by the public.

Unfortunately, Sonamoo’s second album “Cushion” fails to build on that steady first step. The first few lines of the title track “Cushion” are interesting and exciting, but the song quickly disintegrates with overly drawn-out vocal notes and slightly ridiculous lyrics that compare a guy to the coziness of a cushion. With lines alternating between comic, sexy and strange, and an indecisive tempo, “Cushion” scatters the members’ talents.

“OK” is on much steadier ground, with a catchy hook, a strong beat, and each member’s vocal and rap skills showcased well. The last track, “Let’s Make a Movie,” also stands out with a sweet vibe and smooth transitions between rap and vocal passages, and coy lyrics about wanting to “make a movie” rather than watch one together.

However, the other tracks “Round N Round,” “Deeply Love,” and “Liar” fall relatively flat with predictable and unchallenging melodies. Sonamoo shows promise, but is not quite there yet with the “Cushion” EP.

By Won Ho-jung (

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