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[Best Brand] Lotte Chilsung’s Icis 8.0 makes waves in water market

Icis 8.0 mineral water from Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. is making a splash in the country’s tightly contested bottled water market.

Launched in August 2011, Icis 8.0 has gained much popularity in a relatively short period of time, aided by the optimized mineral content and eye-catching packaging.

The product is bottled in North Chungcheong Province with pH 8 natural mineral water, which the company says offers the optimal calcium-magnesium balance.

In addition, the company has applied eco-friendly methods in producing Icis 8.0.

Lotte Chilsung’s Icis 8.0
Lotte Chilsung’s Icis 8.0

The company is participating in the government’s carbon rating system that records and publishes the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in producing and marketing Icis 8.0. The label on the 2-liter bottle is fixed with water-soluble adhesive to aid recycling.

Furthermore, the 0.3-liter version of the product was the first to be fitted with the short-cap ― bottle caps that use up to 40 percent less plastic.

“Icis 8.0’s eye-catching pink label and the healthy and smooth drinking experience are making it a popular brand,” an official with the company said.

“The product’s environmentally friendly image has also made a positive image among consumers, contributing to 2014 sales reaching 30 billion won, up more than 20 percent from a year earlier. The sales figure is projected to grow by a large margin again this year.”