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[팟캐스트](98) 메르스 격리 외국인 최소 20명, 일부는 출국 외 1건



진행자: 석지현, Paul Kerry

1. 메르스 격리 외국인 최소 20명…일부는 출국해 논란 

기사요약: 메르스 격리 대상자로 통보받은 외국인이 20~30명에 이르는 것으로 알려졌으나, 병역 당국이 이들의 정확한 숫자와 국적을 제대로 파악하지 못한 것으로 드러나 논란이 일고 있다.

Holes exposed in expat quarantine

[1] Some 20 to 30 foreigners have been put under quarantine over concerns of Middle East respiratory syndrome, but health authorities have yet to identify all of their nationalities, sources said Tuesday.

*be put under quarantine: 격리되다 (quarantine= 격리, 격리하다 (=isolate))
*over concerns of: ~에 대한 우려로 (=due to worries about)
*respiratory: 호흡의, 호흡기관의 (respiratory system 호흡기관계, respiratory disease 호흡기 질환)

[2] The Health and Welfare Ministry said Tuesday that about 20 to 30 foreigners in Korea were ordered to be under home monitoring as they were suspected to have been exposed to MERS-confirmed patients. As of Tuesday, more than 5,000 individuals in the country are being monitored at home for possible infection.

*under home monitoring: 자가격리. 집에서 상황을 지켜보는 것
*exposed to: 노출되다 (were in contact with MERS-confirmed patients)
*possible infection: 감염 가능성이 있는

[3] The exact number and nationality of those concerned has not been fully confirmed be-cause the information of their home countries was not collected in the initial stages of the screening, according to the ministry.

*collect: 수집하다 (정보를 수집하다 =gather)
*initial: 초기의 (=early)


2. 124년만의 대가뭄

기사요약: 한반도 중부와 북부지역이 극심한 가뭄으로 신음하고 있다. 일부 지역에서는 기우제까지 지낼 정도로 아주 심각한 상황인 것으로 알려졌다.


Korea suffers worsening drought

[1] Farmers and residents in northern parts of the country Tuesday repeated requests for help to survive an escalating drought here that has left riverbanks dry and crops withering.


*repeat request: 도움을 요청하다 (=repeatedly asked, repeated calls for help)
*escalating: 악화되는 (=worsening, prolonged)
*that has left: drought가 심화됨으로써 어떠한 결과들이 나타난 것을 표현

[2] Meteorologists predicted continued sunshine in the coming days, meaning that govern-ment efforts could ultimately fail to offset falling crop yields and rising vegetable prices, worsening consumer sentiment and escalating public fears of water deficits in areas far away from those hardest-hit.

*ultimately: 궁극적으로, 결국 (=in the end)
*offset: 상쇄시키다
*consumer sentiment: 소비자심리
*water deficit: 물부족 (trade deficit 무역적자, food deficit 식량부족)
*hardest-hit: 가장 심한 타격을 받은 지역

[3] Rainfall is expected in parts of the country Wednesday, but experts say it will fall far short of the required precipitation levels needed to fight the drought.


*fall short of: ~에 미치지 못하다
*required: 필수의, 필요로하는
*precipitation: 강수량
*fight: 싸우다, 이겨내다 (fight hunger, fight racism)

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