[팟캐스트](96) 국회법 개정안 논란 외 1건

By Shin Ji-hye
  • Published : Jun 3, 2015 - 20:13
  • Updated : Jun 3, 2015 - 20:18


진행자: 이현정, Julie Jackson

1.    국회법 개정안 논란

기사요약: 박근혜 대통령이 지난 1일 정부의 행정입법에 대한 국회 수정 요구 권한을 강화하는 국회법 개정안에 대해 사실상 거부권 행사를 시사했다. 박 대통령은 위헌의 소지가 있다며 개정안으로 “국정이 결과적으로 마비 상태가 되고, 정부는 무기력화될 것”이라고 밝혔다. 개정안에 대한 논란이 일자 여당 지도부내에서 책임 문제를 두고 갈등이 격화되고 있다.

Park may veto Assembly bill

[1] President Park Geun-hye on Monday showed her stern rejection of a bill that would allow lawmakers to demand an amendment to government enforcement ordinances, raising speculation that she may exercise her veto power on the revised legislation for the first time, citing unconstitutionality.

 *stern: 엄격한, 단호한

*rejection: 거부 (reject: 거부하다 = refuse, turn down, decline)

*government enforcement ordinance: 정부시행령

*speculation: 추측, 짐작 (speculate: 추측하다, 짐작하다)

*exercise power: 권력 행사하다 (=wield power)

*veto: 거부권, 거부권 행사하다 

[2] During a meeting with senior secretaries at Cheong Wa Dae, Park blasted the parliament’s decision reached Friday, lashing out that it could paralyze the function of the executive branch and seriously damage people’s livelihoods and the nation’s economy.

*blast: 비난하다 (=criticize, denounce, condemn)

*lash out: 후려갈기려 들다, 채찍질하다, 비난하다, 강타하다, 혹평하다

*paralyze: 마비시키다

*executive branch: 행정부 (legislature: 입법부, judiciary: 사법부)

[3] The president’s rejection was widely seen as indicating her intention to use her veto if no changes are made to the bill before it reaches the stage of her endorsement. It was also viewed as showing Park’s willingness to block the bill at all costs despite it being a crucial time for her to earn the cooperation of the National Assembly in getting her reform bills and the new prime minister approved.

*endorsement: 지지, 승인, 인정,

*at all costs: 어떤 희생을 치르더라도, 무슨 수를 써서라도, 기어코

2.    FIFA 뇌물 스캔들

기사요약: 미국 사법 당국이 국제축구연맹 FIFA의 전,현직 간부 등 14명의 부패혐의를 포착하고 기소 방침을 지난달 27일 밝혔다. 이들은 1991년부터 스포츠 마케팅 회사들로부터 1억5천만달러 이상의 뇌물을 받은 혐의를 받고 있다. 부패 스캔들에도 불구하고 5선 연임에 성공한 제프 블래터 피파 회장은 지난 2일 돌연 사임 의사를 밝혔다.

FIFA mired in $150 million bribery case

[1] In accusing soccer federation leaders of tarnishing the sport by taking $150 million in bribes and payoffs, U.S. prosecutors laid out a sweeping corruption case that hinges on the testimony of insiders, including some who have agreed to cooperate in plea deals.

*tarnish: 흐리게 하다, 변색시키다, 더럽히다

*payoff: 뇌물

*lay out: 펼치다

*sweeping: 전면적인, 대대적인 (sweep: 쓸다, 청소하다)

*hinge on: 전적으로 ~에 달려 있다 

*testimony: 증언

*insider: 내부자

*plea deal: 유죄 협상, 양형 거래 (=plea bargain)

[2] Prosecutors announced the racketeering conspiracy and other charges Wednesday against 14 defendants ― nine current and former officials with global soccer governing body FIFA, four sports marketing executives and an accused intermediary.

*racketeering: 공갈

*conspiracy: 음모, 공모, (conspiracy theory: 음모론)
 *intermediary: 중개인 (=broker)

[3] They also revealed four others had pleaded guilty in secret proceedings dating to July 2013. It’s believed some or all are cooperating in the investigation.

*plead guilty: 죄를 인정하다