[Jin’s Conversational English] 운전자가 운전 중에 잠들었어요

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Jun 2, 2015 - 11:26
  • Updated : Jun 2, 2015 - 11:26

The driver fell asleep at the wheel
운전자가 운전 중에 잠들었어요

* A car accident: 차 사고

Alley: The traffic was horrible on the freeway this morning.
오늘 아침에 고속도로 정체가 정말 심했어.

Josh: There was a huge accident. You didn’t hear about that?
큰 사고가 있었는데. 못 들었어?

Alley: No, what did happen?
아니, 무슨 일이 있었는데?

Josh: A five-ton truck flipped over on 210 and a container detached from the truck caused a three car, real-end collision.
5톤 트럭이 201번 고속도로에서 뒤집어져서 튕겨져 나온 컨테이너 때문에 3중 추돌사고가 났어.

Alley: Are you serious?

Josh: Yes, two people died, and several got injured badly.
그래, 두 사람이 죽고, 몇 명이 심하게 다쳤대.

Alley: That’s terrible.

Josh: The police said the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel.
경찰이 그러는데 트럭 운전수가 운전 중에 졸았다고 하더라고.

* Easy practice!: Now try to say the following sentences in English.

1. 어젯밤에 출퇴근 시간 정체가 끔찍했어요. __________________________________
2. 고속도로에서 3중 추돌사고가 있었어요. ___________________________________
3. 운전수가 졸음운전을 했다고 해요. _______________________________________