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[팟캐스트](93) 한국, 북한 도발에 엄중 경고 외 1건

진행자: 윤민식, Julie Jackson

1. 박 대통령, 북한 도발에 엄중 경고

기사요약: 박근혜 대통령은 최근 북한이 잠수함 발사 탄도미사일(SLBM) 사출시험을 공개하는 등 대남 도발을 해온 것에 대해 동아시아 안보에 대한 심각한 도전이라며 엄중히 경고했다. 또한, 이에 대해 대응방안을 찾을 것을 지시하는 동시에 “단호한 응징”을 강조했다.

Park warns against N.K. provocation

[1] President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday warned that North Korea’s development of submarine-launched ballistic missiles posed a “grave challenge” to regional peace, as the military stepped up efforts to boost its anti-submarine capabilities to better counter the threat.

* step up: 강화하다, 증강하다 (=beef up, augment)
* submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) : 잠수함 발사 탄도미사일
* pose a threat/challenge to ~: ~에 위협/문제점을 제기하다
* boost: 강화하다, (사기 등을) 진작시키다
* regional: 지역의 (international, worldwide, global: 세계적인, local: 현지의)

[2] She also called for “stern punishment” in case of any provocation in the skirmish-prone West Sea, following the communist neighbor’s repeated threats over the weekend to strike South Korean Navy vessels that it claimed were breaching its waters.

* call for: 촉구하다, 요구하다
* in case of ~: ~에 대비해
* provocation: 도발 (provoke: 도발하다, provocative: 도발적인)
* skirmish: 분쟁 (warfare: 전쟁, all-out war: 전면전)
* following ~: ~에 이어 (=in the wake of. on coattails of ~: ~직후에)
* breach: 침범, 위반하다

[3] Cross-border tension is rising after Pyongyang last week succeeded in ejecting a dummy projectile from a newly developed 2,000-ton submarine off the eastern coastal city of Sinpo, a key early stage in developing SLBMs. It also fired three short-range ship-to-ship missiles into the East Sea.

* cross-border: 국가 간의
* dummy: 모형
* early stage: 초기 단계 (final stage: 최종단계, --투병 단계의 경우—terminal stage: 말기)


2. 임흥순, 한국 최초 베니스비엔날레 은사자상 수상

기사요약: 임흥순이 제56회 베니스 비엔날레 미술전에서 아시아 여성의 노동 문제를 소재로 촬영한 영화작품 ‘위로공단’으로 은사자상을 수상했다. 이는 국내 작가로는 처음이다.

Im wins highest honor for Korean in Venice

[1] Im Heung-soon, the winner of the Silver Lion award at this year’s Venice Biennale for his documentary “Factory Complex,” has gained recognition for entwining art and film in his documentaries that reflect on society, its people and their histories.

* gain recognition: 인정받다 (build a reputation: 평판/명성을 쌓다)
* entwine: 휘감다, 엮다

[2] The artist goes by a number of titles ― cinematographer, director and scriptwriter. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in painting from Kyungwon University (now Gachon University), Im has straddled the boundaries of art, photography and media while delivering heavily-charged social messages.

* go by: ~로 통용되다, 알려졌다
* title: 직함
* bachelor’s degree: 학사학위 (master’s degree: 석사학위, doctor’s/doctoral degree: 박사학위)
* straddle the boundaries of ~: ~의 경계를 오가다, 가로지르다

[3] His most recent work, “Factory Complex,” deals with the labor issues of women in South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Asian countries. The judging committee, upon awarding the documentary the exhibition’s second highest honor of Silver Lion on May 9, called it a work that “comes face-to-face with its subjects” and “subtly probes into the core of the instability related to the labor conditions of Asian women.”

* labor issues: 노동문제
* come face-to-face with: 직시하다, 직면하다
* subtly: 미묘하게, 은근하게