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Richie’s SAT Essay


Close Out Story:

Sum up your story/examples/studies/readings ― this may be done by paraphrasing the first sentence of your first body paragraph.

Example: Body language and emails can definitely be useful tools to communicate more effectively with other people ― they can often fill in the gaps that may be lacking in a conversation.

Show How Story Supports Thesis:

Explicitly demonstrate how your story/example/reading/studies support your thesis.

Example: But a true, interpersonal conversation carries with it both the immense weight of vocabulary as well as the deeper subtexts of body language.

Paraphrase Thesis:

Paraphrase the thesis you stated in your introduction.

Example: Therefore, I believe it is incorrect to prioritize any other communication method over conversations.

Closing Sentence:

Tidy and sum up your essay ― end with something that may leave the reader wanting to read more.

Example: For, although a picture may be worth a thousand words, you never know if they are the ones you intended to convey.