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[팟캐스트](92) ‘조선인 강제징용’ 일본 세계유산 등록 유력 외 1건



진행자: 석지현, Paul Kerry

1. '조선인 강제징용' 일본 산업시설 세계유산 등록 유력

기사요약: 조선인 강제징용이 이뤄진 일본 산업시설들이 유네스코 세계 유산에 등재될 가능성이 높아졌다. 이와 관련해 한국 정부는 조선인 강제징용 현장이 세계 유산에 등록되는 것은 인류보편적 가치를 지닌 유산을 보호하는 세계유산협약의 기본정신에 위배된다는 점을 들어 위원국가들을 상대로 등록 반대 외교전을 펼 예정이다.


Japan’s UNESCO bid puts Korea’s diplomacy to test

[1] Japan said Monday it has secured a UNESCO advisory panel’s endorsement for the listing of major wartime industrial facilities as World Heritage sites, posing a threat to Seoul’s efforts to keep the move at bay amid unabated historical spats.

*secure: 얻다 (=obtain, acquire)
*endorsement: (공개적인) 지지, 보증 (=approval, backing, support)
*listing: 리스트, 명단
*facility: 시설, 기관 (manufacturing facility)
*pose a threat: 위협을 가하다 (pose a serious threat to someone)
*keep ~ at bay: 저지하다, 문제의 발생을 막다
*unabated: 조금도 수그러들지 않은 (unabated efforts 늦추지 않는 노력)
*spat: 승강이, 옥신각신함 (=dispute)

[2] The International Council on Monuments and Sites, or ICOMOS, has recommended the registration of 23 sites of “Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution,” built in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. They were credited with contributing to Japan’s rapid industrialization and adaption of western technologies to its needs, according to Tokyo’s Cultural Affairs Agency.

*credited with: ~한 것으로 인정되다, 명성이 높다 (=recognized for)
*rapid: 빠른 (=fast)
*adaption: 적용

[3] Yet Tokyo’s campaign triggered stiff opposition from Seoul as it includes seven facilities where hundreds of thousands of Koreans were forced into slave labor under Japanese colonial rule.

*trigger off: ~를 초래하다, 일으키다
*force into: 억지로~도록 하다
*under ~ rule: ~통치/지배 아래


2. 3월 가계대출 4조 늘어…9년만에 최대 증가폭

기사요약: 지난 3월 중 가계대출이 9년만에 최대폭으로 늘어났다. 초저금리 기조와 주택 매매경기 회복세가 맞물려 가계대출이 크게 늘어난 것으로 풀이된다.

Household loan growth hits 9-year high (5월5일 화요일 1면기사입니다)

[1] The nation’s households have rapidly increased their borrowing from commercial banks amid the record-low interest rates and brisk property transactions, data showed Monday.

*borrowing: 대출
*commercial bank: 시중은행, 상업은행.
*record-low: 사상최저 (<->record-high)
*brisk: 바쁜, 빠른 (=active)
*transaction: 매매, 거래 (=deals)

[2] The Financial Supervisory Service said Monday that the banks’ (won-denominated) outstanding loans to the household sector reached 526.1 trillion won ($487.1 billion) at the end of March, up 4 trillion won from a month earlier.

*denominated: ~(통화)으로 표시된
*outstanding loan: 미불 대출금

[3] This increase marked the highest growth in nine years ― for March every year ― since the FSS started to compile official statistics on the banking sector’s collective household lending in 2006.

*compile: 도표를 작성하다, 자료를 엮다
*collective: 집단의

[4] The regulatory agency attributed the drastic growth to increase in purchase of apartments taking advantage of the benchmark interest rate, which was lowered by 25 basis points to 1.75 percent on March 12.

*regulatory: 단속력을 지닌
*drastic: 급격한
*take advantage of: ~를 이용한
*benchmark interest rate: 기준 금리(=key interest rate, base rate)
*basis point: 1/100 퍼센트

[5] Trading volume of apartments in Seoul came to 13,100 units in March, far exceeding 8600 units in February.

*trading volume: 거래량 (volume: 양. ex: Sales volume fell 30% in June)