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LG Uplus launches world’s first VoLTE roaming services

Mobile carrier to expand high-speed roaming services abroad

 Korean mobile carrier LG Uplus said Sunday that it had successfully launched roaming services running on the voice-over-Long Term Evolution, or VoLTE, networks.

The VoLTE roaming services will be first available for subscribers of LG Uplus and Japan’s mobile carrier KDDI, who use LG Electronics’ G Flex 2 smartphone in South Korea and Japan.

“LG Uplus has once again boasted its advanced LTE technology with the VoLTE roaming services,” said an official from the mobile carrier, adding, “the firm will expand the services in other nations with more devices, too.”

The Korean telecom firm established the LTE networks nationwide in 2012.

The new LTE roaming services allow the LG Uplus and KDDI subscribers to make high-definition voice and video calls and to use data over the LTE networks.

The company explained that the new VoLTE roaming services connect calls 20 times faster than through 3G roaming.

The company, which introduced its LTE services in 2011, boasted its state-of-the-art services including those that allow users to switch in real-time from HD voice calls and video calls, or vice versa, and to share data such as music, pictures and location during HD voice calls.

“The successful launch of the VoLTE roaming services now allow LG Uplus subscribers to use these services while roaming abroad and will help the firm gain great momentum in developing next-generation roaming services,” an LG Uplus official said.

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