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Milan Design Week to showcase Korean crafts

Korean sophistication, artistry and craftsmanship will be exhibited during Milan Design Week, one of the world’s largest showcases for design and craftworks.

A total of 192 craftworks by Korean artisans will go on display under the title, “Constancy and Change,” at the Triennale Design Museum from April 14-19.

It is the third straight year that Korea is holding the exhibition during the Milan Design Week, which brings together innovative designs from around the world. 

Red dry lacquered bowl by Kim Seol. (KCDF)
Red dry lacquered bowl by Kim Seol. (KCDF)

“The exhibition will highlight the restricted beauty of Korean crafts and the soul of Koreans passed on for generations,” said Choi Jeung-cheol, president of the Korea Craft and Design Foundation, at a news conference on Monday in Seoul.

The exhibition, directed by Park Ryu-sook of Park Ryu Sook Gallery, will present craftworks that combine classic beauty of traditional Korean crafts with modern aesthetic sensibilities under the theme “Simple, Calm and Subtle.”

“This exhibit will prove that tradition is still alive in the present day,” said ceramist Noh Gyeong-jo.

Highlighted works include rare forms of crafts such as the Deombeong Bunchung porcelain by Park Sung-wook, a woven paper jar by Lee Young-soon, Lee Hyun-bae’s tall onggi wares and a dry lacquered bowl by Kim Seol.

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