Richie’s SAT Essay

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Feb 23, 2015 - 09:47
  • Updated : Feb 23, 2015 - 09:48

Body Paragraph 1:

Develop Story:

Describe a story/example/reading that relates to part 1 of the essay prompt.

Example: A good example of this comes from my early years in high school. I was a computer geek, and would frequently build my own computers. Around freshman year, I built my first computer. It was designed primarily for gaming, and, for the first couple of years, it did well. However, during my junior year, I began to notice its sluggishness. It was slower and unresponsive, and didn’t play my FPS games as fast as it used to. So, I began to look for upgrades, and I soon found one due to an advertisement on a computer store webpage.

Body Paragraph 2:

Continue Story:

Continue your original story/example/reading in a way that progresses to part 2 of the essay prompt.

Example: The advertisement was for a new kind of processor, and one that was compatible with my current pc. Because I was already dissatisfied with my pc’s processing power, I decided to buy it, and have been happy with my computer’s gaming performance ever since. Rather than my dissatisfaction being enlarged due to the advertisement, I instead found in it a solution to my current dissatisfaction. My unhappiness already existed, and the advertisement simply gave me a solution to my problem.