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Lee Minho models for Samsonite Red

(Samsonite Red)
(Samsonite Red)
Samsonite Red announced that it will run an ad campaign with Korean actor Lee Min-ho for spring-summer season. The brand released the “Lee Minho backpack” as both part of its casual brand VOY and business line BALLON.

The Korean star matched the VOY backpack with a casual denim shirt in its advertising campaign. It is available in four shades of red, navy, black and beige. 

The BALLON backpack is a more minimalist and luxe version with leather details. The actor paired this with a crisp gray jacket. The brand is set to release a more extended range of backpacks, tote bags and briefcases.

Samsonite’s marketing director Kim Hui-jeong said the new fashion item, with its “simple and clean design, is well-suited to students in their 20s and new graduates.”

(Samsonite Red)
(Samsonite Red)
Samsonite Red’s new range of fashion products can be purchased in department stores nationwide and on the brand’s website.

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