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Santacon to converge on Busan

After scores of Santas swarmed in Seoul last weekend, Busan will get its own Santacon this Saturday.

Santacon is an international event where cheerful people dress up as Santa and other beloved Christmas-themed characters and get together for some Christmas cheer.

Busan’s third annual event will gather for caroling, food, drinks and raffles benefiting a local charity.

The event will start with dinner at Sharkys at 5 p.m. and move on to a new bar every hour from 7 p.m.

Raffle prize draws will be made at most stops, with the main prize draw at Eva’s Ticket at 1 a.m. Several bars will offer special discounts.

The raffle proceeds will go to Sae Gil Welfare Corporation, also known as Busan’s Women’s Shelter, which is a multipurpose facility for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

For more information, see the Busan Santacon 2014 Facebook page.