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[TOEFL LISTENING Conversation ]

Listen to a conversation between a student and a dining services director
(female)Student: Hi. I don’t know what my parents were thinking. They sort of went overboard and bought me the plan of 235 meals a semester.
(male)Director: Well, I bet they were probably thinking that this is your first year of college and that you’d have plenty to think about without having to worry about food. It’s pretty common among first year students.
Student: It is?
Director: Yeah, and most students will try to cut down on their plans in the second year.
Student: My first year is almost done. And I wanna go for the smallest plan available next year. What are my choices?
Director: Well, besides the 235 what you have this year, we got the 190.
Student: What about the 95 meal plan?
Director: Oh, that’s only for 3rd and 4th year students.
Student: OK. I guess I can deal with that. But my real question is I still got about 60 meals left on this year’s plan. So I’d like to know if I could carry them over.
Director: Carried over? You mean like if you can use them for the next year?
Student: Yeah, I mean, see, I didn’t use ‘em, and they’ve been paid for already.
Director: I’m sorry you can’t do that.
Student: How about….well….can’t the price of those leftover meals….I mean…can it be deducted from next year’s charges or something?
Director: No, according to our policy, we do not provide credit for unused meals.
Student: Well, is there any way to get a refund then?
Director: No, I’m sorry. We don’t provide credits or refunds.
Student: So, what am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to eat 60 meals in two weeks?

1. Why does the woman go to see the director?
Click on 2 answers.

A. To ask which meal plans are available to her the following year
B. To ask about a refund for the unused meals in her current meal plan
C. To ask if she can cancel her meal plan contract
D. To ask if her meal plan covers food for guests

[유형] Main Idea Q
- conversation 의 main idea Q은 크게 두 가지 형태로 나눌 수 있다.
- 방문목적을 묻는 문제와 말 그대로 main idea 를 묻는 문제가 있다
- 이 유형처럼 두 개 고르는 형태가 나올 수 있으니 당황하지 않도록 한다.

[정답] A,B