Richie’s SAT Essay

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Nov 17, 2014 - 10:28
  • Updated : Nov 17, 2014 - 10:30

Body Paragraph 1:

Develop Story:

Describe a story/example/reading that relates to part 1 of the essay prompt.

Example: Lee Sang-hwa just won the Winter Olympic gold medal in speed skating for South Korea. In doing so, she became the first woman since 2002 to defend her medal at the event. However, in order to do this, she needed to beat out many other contestants from many other competing countries. She is also just one example of an intense competition that prizes individual, competitive achievements and rewards them with fame and glory around the world. However, Sang-hwa, just like every athlete at the Olympics, is competing as a representative of a country.

Body Paragraph 2:

Continue Story:

Continue your original story/example/reading in a way that progresses to part 2 of the essay prompt.

Example: The Olympics are not simply a show of individual might against community, but rather an intense reminder of the importance of community. At every event, every athlete wears a uniform bearing the symbols of their country and their people. Mighty politicians and famous performers from around the world go there to show their support for their country, and many average people from each country attend in order to show their support as well. Rather than being a show of individualism, this world-renown, intensely famous competition ― which is yearly celebrated and anticipated ― is a celebration of our dedication to communities and of the importance of community in shaping our individual skills.