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Last words of Pangyo pop concert manager sends shockwaves

The last words of the deceased official of the Gyeonggi Institute of Science and Technology Promotion, the organizer of the accident-stricken pop concert in Pangyo that killed 16 spectators, were revealed on his Twitter account Saturday, adding to the tragic deaths of the Pangyo grate accident.
The 37-year-old official, only identified by his surname Oh, tweeted at 7:01 a.m., only 15 minutes before his body was found. The note gives strong indications of his intention to commit suicide, the local police said.

The posting says, “I have done my best to live a good life, but was faced with an accident that I never thought would happen. I am sorry for my colleagues and the ones who died from the accident. I extend my apologies. I hope you will take my word of truth.”

The official, married with two children, also left words of apology for his family. On the same note he wrote, “I am sorry the most for my father and mother. I am so sorry. My dear children, daddy loves you so much. I miss you so much. (Naming his wife) I am so sorry. Please take good care of our children. I love you so very much.” 

(Oh`s Twitter)
(Oh`s Twitter)

The Twitter post was found and dispersed by online after Oh was found dead on a street in Bundang, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province. The alleged suicide came about three hours after the official was released at around 4 a.m. from a two-hour investigation with the local police.

The tragic accident took place in the wake of Friday’s accident in Pangyo Techno Valley, a multipurpose complex for technology, as a grate over a ventilation shaft broken down. The grate came apart and fell into a 20-meter-deep hole due to the weight of the 27 spectators who stood on top of it to get a better view of the outdoor pop concert.

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